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Waldbesetzung Kelsterbach (Kelsterbach Forest Occupation Camp)
Big parts of the beautiful forest of Kelsterbach near the airport ofFrankfurt/Main (Germany) are in danger of being destroyed.
It has been well known for about 10 years that Fraport (thecorporation running Frankfurt Airport) plan to build a new runway onthis place by the end of 2011, cutting down every tree on 300 hectares of land (about 100,000 trees), doubling the airports flight movements per year to a level of at least one every 45 seconds. About 50 initiatives and nearly all communities around the airport are against the expansion because of the expected rise of fly-over noise.
Fraport plan to finish the runway by the end of 2011 and is already taking so-called "preparing measures" in the forest, cutting brushwoods to make way for their machines to cut the trees and capturing several animal species including frogs and bats to relocate.
Almost all forms of protest have not succeeded to stop the preparations of the building of a new runway. Activists have occupied a small area of the forest since May 2008 to stop the extension plans and a tent and hut village has emerged. About 30-50 people now regularly live in the forest village and welcome every help, may it be donations, new inhabitants or just people passing by and showing their solidarity.
The mayor of Kelsterbach has threatened to evict the camp as of 30th November 2008, claiming he cannot accept the huts in the forest for legal reasons, although it seems unlikely the eviction will actually be attempted then or any time soon.
Unräumbar Festival
The Waldbesetzung Kelsterbach (Kelsterbach Forest Occupation Camp) invite you to the Unräumbar Festival, a weekend of live music, art, dancing, cinema, workshops, playshops, info meetings, creative actions, good food, and much more, on 28-30th November. The whole festival will be non commercial, everything runs on donation basis.
Bring a tent, sleeping bag and mat. Bring musical instruments, toys, good energy and food to share.
Other Ways to Support the Kelsterbach Forest Occupation
Spread the news about what is happening in Kelsterbach Forest. Tell people, journalists and politicians.
Donations are very welcome. Useful things include vegan and vegetarian food, building materials (a lot of construction wood, nails), old bedsheets (for banners), writing materials, polypropylene rope (10 or14 mm), bicycles, tools (saws and hammers), wood stoves and other stuff for the winter, a cheap way to make flyers.Visit or join Kelsterbach Forest Occupation. Bring a tent, sleepingbag and mat, warm clothes, a flashlight. Musical instruments and toysare nice! Dishes, fork, knives and spoons are already here.
Directions from Kelsterbach centre:
By train (S-Bahn) from Frankfurt or Wiesbaden to station Kelsterbach.
Outside the station to the left (in the direction of Wiesbaden (south-west) at the right side from the track). Then with the trackleft from you, you follow Rüsselsheimer Straße for about 1,5 km. After you've seen an exit-way, you'll see a traffic light. There you turn in the Okrifteler Strasse (not indicated) in the direction of Walldorf. You underpass a train track, ignore the first street (right) and take the second possibility, a parking bay. Walk into the forest.
by car:From Köln to Frankfurt A3/E35, exit Raunheim #48, then to the north, direction of Kelsterbach (Rüsselheimer Straße / 43). Right at the traffic lights (not indicated: Okrifteler Straße, K152), under by aviaduct. Ignore the first street at the right and take the second possibility (150 meters further), a parking bay (see picture) and park your car there.
Behind the barrier you walk straight on, following the way andpeace-signs. You'll come by a lake (on your right) and find the camp a little further (after a crossroad) on your left.
Hitchhiking directions: A3, from Köln direction Frankfurt, exit 48 - Raunheim, ask the driver to go north direction Kelsterbach to let you out after several 100 meters - where its possible to turn… go on till you find the first hardway (ignore the 1. earthy path) to the right… follow the signs of liberation. or go under the train, turn left, go right under the tube, over the street and straight… along a lake after it turn right.
Address:Baumbesetzung neben dem PflanzgartenGelbe Grundschneise 65451 Kelsterbach
Phone: (+49)0175 833 59 58 (German/English)
Coordinates: 50.038999, 8.504019"