terça-feira, 11 de novembro de 2008

13 de Novembro - Manifestação de Solidariedade para com a luta dos presos gregos e de todo o mundo... Atenas, Propylea, às 18h !

The vast majority of prisoners (almost 100%) in all 21 prisons around Greece are either on a hunger strike or boycotting prison food.

Also, thousands of prisoners have already signed petitions with their demands, despite the terrorism of the prison authorities that have already reacted with violent mass transfers and night invasions inside cells,

Next Thursday 13/11 a demonstration in solidarity to the prisoners in struggle will take place in central Athens, Propylea at 18:00.

In Thessaloniki, 40 Ekklisies district, a foreign mission vehicle was set on fire "to salute the prisoners struggle" by the Cells of Aggresive Solidarity to Prisoners.

Even a soccer fans club (PAOK-GATE 4) circulated an announcement of their support to the prisoners struggle.

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